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>>> Dusty conditions - how many people actually operate their vehicles
>>> in
>>> dusty conditions more than very occasionally? The engines of modern
>>> cars
>>> are sealed much more thoroughly than cars from the middle of the
>>> last
>>> century. Assuming everything is in good order, the main entry point
>>> of
>>> dirt into your engine is through the air cleaner. So make sure you
>>> have
>>> a good air cleaner and stay out of volcanic ash and I think you
>>> don't
>>> need to worry about dusty conditions. Let the looks of your air
>>> filter
>>> be your guide. BTW, changing your air filter too often is actually
>>> a bad
>>> idea.
>> Good post, IMHO, but I'm curious why you say this? <NB - a straight
>> question, not challenging you - always happy to learn something new>
>Read these references and decide for yourself -
> - go to page 10 or so
As far as using K&Ns,

Well, not sayingthe filter is better or worse than OEM filters, but I
used K&N replacement filters (not the "universal" or "cone" type on
both Aerostars and the '88 New Yorker and my daughter's Neon and the
engines went over 240,000km with no wear issues. I used standard
factory type(ac delco, Fram, and Napa) filters on my Pontiac 3.8 and
it blew with 98,000km on it.
Virtually the same driving conditions and maintenance otherwise.