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>> >Hi,
>> >
>> >In the recent thread about not having a spare tyre, someone said you
>> >were more likely to puncture a radiator than a tyre. This got me
>> >wondering. These radweld type of products: are they all the same or is
>> >one better than the rest? I'm sure a mechanic once told me that there
>> >was one which was superior but never having to use it, I can't
>> >remember which. What do you think?
>> >
>> >TIA
>> The Rover fraternity, who have some experience of leaks, recommend
>> K-Seal if you are going to resort to gloop. I have used it in the past
>> with satisfactory results.
>Rover when they were Rover recommended Bars Leaks.

AFAIK When Rover was Rover K-seal didn't exist in UK market.

Techsheet of Bar's Leaks old product.
"WARNING - Head Gasket Repair is NOT
COMPATIBILE with antifreeze and must only
be added to cooling system and radiator after
ALL ANTIFREEZE has been removed."

You want to try that on cooling systems that have small bore hoses for
turbo cooling? Or water/oil oil coolers? Or throttle body anti-icing?

Bar's have had to respond to K-seal by developing a new product (the
product index sidebar says *NEW*) that doesn't need all that faffing
about draining and flushing the system.

and this one appears to be close to K-seal as it's also antifreeze
compatible and got copper in it.

But you won't find Bar's Leaks head gasket fix or K-seal at Halfords.
Peter Hill
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From: Mrcheerful on
Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
> In article <817qkhFvk0U2(a)>,
> Miike G <miktoolman(a)> wrote:
>>> Rover when they were Rover recommended Bars Leaks.
>> Didn't know that, but it's the one I prefer, rather than Radweld.
> It was certainly their choice for things like the P6 3500 which had an
> ally engine and copper rad, so shouldn't damage those materials.
> Dunno if modern engines have much more restricted water passages,
> though. If that makes a difference.

I think it is mainly the reduction in the size of the holes through
radiators/heaters that is the problem, finer holes mean better heat transfer
and smaller elements, but the anti leak additives block up those fine holes.
Suzuki used to specify the thing that looked like a dog turd to be added
with a coolant change on the old tea kettle GT750 two stroke triple (1970
ish) same stuff as Vauxhall used to provide.

From: Fred on
On 27 Mar 2010 17:09:09 GMT, Adrian <toomany2cvs(a)> wrote:

>Yes. They're all unspeakable bodges fit only for use on a car that you're
>running into the ground.

I wasn't intending using any long term. There was another thread where
someone mentioned their radiator being more likely to get a hole in
that their tyre, so I was thinking more about a
get-me-home-and-then-I'll-fix-it-properly type of use. If some brands
require the system to be flushed first, then these would not be
suitable for the kind of roadside, away-from-home, repair I was
thinking of.
From: Adrian on
Fred <fred(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like they
were saying:

>>Yes. They're all unspeakable bodges fit only for use on a car that
>>you're running into the ground.

> I wasn't intending using any long term.

How do you suggest cleaning it out...?

The kind of cooling system problem they "fix" is the kind that can easily
be emergency-managed by just topping up regularly. If it's a big and
sudden leak, the kind that will prevent you proceeding, then they're
useless anyway.
From: GB on
Peter Hill wrote:
> Unlike almost all the others it goes in the cooling system with
> antifreeze. Most others will gel with antifreeze so need the system
> flushing before use

Big enough leak, and that may not be a problem. :-)

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