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> None and just as well because they are now big enough to return the
> favour:-)
> Remember you have to be good to your kids because they get to choose your
> nursing home:-)

Lol :)

> As long as it isn't the only method of keeping them occupied.

It's not, but then if the wife is driving I'd rather sit in the back and
watch Thomas the tank engine :)


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F Murtz wrote:
> Kev wrote:
>> Clocky wrote:
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>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I got an iPad as a toy, mainly for watching videos and listening to
>>>> music,
>>>> and reading a bit of news, all of which it does far far better than my
>>>> netbook.
>>>> Then I got around to trying to mount it in my car and now I have a
>>>> prototype that could use some improvement.
>>> Here's an improvement...
>> Was in JB HiFi the other day and they are selling the iPAD with the
>> typical over hyped display and at the end they had some Chinese knock
>> offs running some type of Linux for 1/4 the price. was funny watching
>> the "Apple Expert" running about hyping up the iPAD to people only to
>> have them pay $200 for the Chinese version
>> Kev
> Small epad runs android Does not have built in gps.

There was an ePad and a much bigger iRiver type one also