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I make a right hand turn and someone leaving a gas station sees me so he
does not stop at the end of the drive way but pulls right out at low
speed in front of me. I am traveling at the posted limit and am
immediately up on him because he has of course failed to accelerate. He
then waves to me and laughs. Later the two lane road opens up to four
briefly at an intersection where the speed limit kicks up to 50mph. I
pass him. As I am signaling to move back left (right lane ends) behind
the vehicle that he was behind he suddenly kicks up his speed
dramatically to attempt to block. I move over anyway and wave.

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On 2010-05-19, Arif Khokar <akhokar1234(a)> wrote:

> This video is a perfect example of the general public not taking too
> kindly to police hitting a person when they're down. If this was more
> common here, police wouldn't be as willing to use excessive force (IOW,
> beating someone while they're restrained).

Must be the lack of flouride in the water ;)

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On 2010-05-19, Scott in SoCal <scottenaztlan(a)> wrote:
> Last time on, Brent
><tetraethylleadREMOVETHIS(a)> said:
>>May or may not have been a cop. Most cops have 'MP' plates these days.
> They say "MP" on them now?

Yes. Kinda hard to make it out, but here's one from one of the speed trap
towns that likes to show off the cars they buy from the revenue they

Both Kildeer and Westmont like to bring their vehicles to car shows, but
I couldn't find any recent westmont photos on the web.

> They used to just have a small "M" and the plate number.

the M was full size:
The MP is small and vertical.

Most 'M' cars are now just misc city/government vehicles these days. Most
of the cop cars with those plates have been retired. But it's difficult
to tell with the unmarked cars because sometimes they are kept for a very
long time.

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Jim Yanik wrote:
> Often,the videos don't show what the "restrained" person did to the officer
> to instigate the beating.

I don't give a damn what he may have done, I vote to convict the officer.
Once restrained, the need and right of the officer to use force has ended.
Punishment is a judge's place, not a cop's.