From: Curt Vanpelt on
I bought a toyota (2009) tacoma 4x4 truck new, heavy duty everything,
V-6 off road, but i dont use it off road. Is there anyone that has
experienced any probs with this model? I have not had any probs. My best
friend bought the same thing, only a 4cyl. He gets 18 mpg. I get 30 mpg,
has anyone experienced the same thing. He uses the truck the
same as i do back and forth to work and around town. Im asking is it
because he has a 4 cyl. and has to work harder? We both use them on flat
roads and interstates. Im sure ill get the razzes about buying a toyota,
but this is my 7th, with no probs except updating every few years, and a
few crashes (which were not my fault). Please reply to this , the
mileage is so different.