From: Traci Steele on

A South Bend man is due in court Friday morning for allegedly molesting
his then-girlfriend's young daughter.

37-year-old Billy Brown faces three counts of child molesting.

Police say Brown sexually abused his ex-girlfriend's daughter, who was
seven years old at the time, in their basement while her mom wasn't
there. Brown is also the father of one of her other children.

The victim's mother says the thought of Brown haunts her daughter to
this day.

“My daughter still has fear to this day,” she said. “If his name is
mentioned, her body tenses up and she gets really afraid. Because she's
still afraid he's going to come back to hurt her."

This isn't the first time Brown has been accused of this crime. Back in
1996, Brown served a sentence for abusing a 3-year-old in Ohio. That
child was also the child of a girlfriend.