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On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 08:02:05 -0700, summer1978 <sergey(a)>

>All I got is 6 people visit from this thread.
>I don't think you could call it a lot of traffic or spamming. :)))

Your post was spam. The fact that you only got six people just means
that you aren't very good at spamming.

>I was looking for people who would be interested in auto discussions.
>I well wrong place I guess.

Your site might be the best thing since sliced bread.. I'll never
know as I have no interest in visiting something run by someone who
refuses to learn and follow the rules. You spam the newsgroups and
apparently steal content from others. No thanx... There are
hundreds of other sites out there that do follow the rules.

Steve B.
From: * on

summer1978 <sergey(a)> wrote in article

> > You DO want MORE traffic, don't you?
> >
> > That's why you're SPAMMING newsgroups, isn't it?
> You know what traffic I got from this news group 6 people in 4 days.
> Yeah that's huge spamming!!!
> I hoped I could find people interested in cars.

Are you SO f******g stupid to believe that with all the viri, spybots, and
other garbage floating around these days that people are eager to click
onto an anonymously-provided link in an unmoderated newsgroup?

Your comment simply validates the sheer stupidity of SPAMMERS, and restores
my faith - just a little bit, anyway - in the intelligence of the general

From: * on

summer1978 <sergey(a)> wrote in article
> You do participate in online discussions right?
> Like this one for instance...Do you get paid for posting here?
> Probably not.
> Wouldn't you be glad to get $10 here and there? All it takes is 100
> posts.
> This discussion that we are making here...would already make $2...
> And how much time have you spent do it? Probably not too much...
> And I bet you anything you enjoyed it.

Let's take a closer look at your "easy" $10.

If one were able to write AND post a comment every 1.2 minutes NONSTOP, he
would earn that $10 in two hours worth of work.

That is $5.00 per hour - less than minimum wage, along with being more
tedious and labor-intensive than flipping burgers, which would pay more.

So, now you've not only violated copyright law, you are flaunting minimum
wage laws.

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