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m6onz5a <corvair(a)> wrote:

>Hmm looks like if you have the 1.6 motor you can just purchase a belt
>without a/c and put that on, but if you have the 1.8 motor it's not
>listing a belt without a/c. You can see if you can route it without
>the compressor, but you might need to purchase a a/c bypass pulley
>(I'm assuming one is made for your car).

oops forgot to add that info.... I have the 1.8 liter
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m6onz5a <corvair(a)> wrote:

>Looks like the Auto Parts store I work at only lists the compressor
>with clutch. In that case you will also need to purchase a new drier
>& orifice tube, and have your system flushed for the compressor
>warranty to be valid, and have paperwork showing the work done.

yep what I was afraid of..... sigh

what you think a rough estimate of cost will be to have
it all done?