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>> > Dave Plowman (News) wrote:
>> >> The SD1 is full of surplus spares ready for tomorrow's SD1 club
>> >> spares day at Rimmer Bros. Hope everyone has plenty money. But I'm
>> >> not letting the missus get that new hat yet.
>> >>
>> > I can't make it :'(
>> >
>> Me neither :(
>> TVR needs a new PAS pump and the SD1 a windscreen fitting, so no pennies
>> to get up North!
> I've got a spare SD1 one - are they the same?

TVR is a serpentine engine so unfortunately not. But luckily it's just a
Land Rover part so only about �80 with a new belt.
>> Shame really as I do need a few minor bits and bobs that I probably
>> could have picked up.
> I did offer lifts from London to anyone feeling the pinch - but no takers.
> ;-)

I was tempted, but still costs to get to London and then I'd end up spending
money when I got there! I'd be skintus maximus by the end of the month!

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