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>> 1) cooler than the oil. Ever do an oil change? The oil coming out is
>> hotter than the outside of the pan.

> Only in your world. Try doing an oil change after the vehicle has been
> driven at highway speed for an hour.

I have. The oil pan is colder than the oil itself.

>> 2) Put your hand on the transmission and/or the differential if RWD after
>> a nice highway drive. Guess what they'll be warm too.

> What does that have to do with engine oil temperature ???? Try to follow
> along now.

It's not my fault you're too ignorant to know.

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>>> No, but I have run heavy equipment that was equiped with an oil temp
>>> guage, does that count ?
>> And there lies your source of error.

> And what error would that be ??? Does oil act differently depending upon
> the engine it is used in ???

When you're talking engines of grossly different size and purpose with
significantly different volumes of oil.

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SMS wrote:

> What is ludicrous is people that use synthetic oil, in
> non-high performance engines, in mild climates, and still
> change it every 5000 miles. This is an absolute waste of
> money, with no benefit to the engine at all.

I'll admit it's overkill. But I usually keep my vehicles for a
long time, and I'm happy to pay extra for ester-based synthetic
for peace of mind. These engines stay clean, visibly cleaner
inside than those using regular oils. Aside from sub-zero
starts, I believe I can trust such oils when I'm climbing long
and hard on a 45ºC day (115ºF). But I still follow the car
manufacturer's oil change period.

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In article <5734nrF2anobpU1(a)>, John Henderson wrote:

> for peace of mind. These engines stay clean, visibly cleaner
> inside than those using regular oils.

Just for how well synethics keep the inside of engine clean is worth the
price for me. For the same price I can do the oil change myself with
synethic or I can pay someone to do it with regular oil.

On top of that, I like the extra capacity for when I bump the rev limiter
or maybe if I screw up and forget to check the oil for too long. It's
extra margin I like having.

Plus more miles between changes is nice too.

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>> On Mar 27, 8:51 pm, SMS <scharf.ste...(a)> wrote:
>>> Can you even still buy plain SAE-30 oil any more?
>> Yes. Rotella T SAE 30 available in gallon jugs at your friendly
>> Autozone, Pep Boys etc. It will be with the "special stuff" like
>> synchromesh lube, marine and mower application type materials. I use
>> it in my T90 transmission.
>I thought Rotella was only rated for diesels these days.

Rotella is "all fleet" oil, but not necessarily recommended for late
model catalyst equipped cars (where they have recently restricted zinc
and phosphorous levels in lube oils)

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