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>>Back in the early 1970s i had a 66
>>425HP Corvette I once, and only once, took up to 140mph...

>Over here, you loose your licence for three to six months and a heavy
>fine if you are doing 1.5 times the limit.

On Usenet stories are inflated 1.5 times so not to worry...
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Some of the cops around here in regular cop cars, it isn't like they are
hiding, but they park just off the side of some streets and they catch
those speeders and red light runners.They catch a lot of them too.

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On the web,
Speed Traps U.S.A.

They need the money.

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> On Jul 30, 4:50 pm, Hachiroku ハチロク <Tru...(a)e86.GTS> wrote:
>> On Thu, 29 Jul 2010 21:57:47 -0700, nobody > wrote:
>> > I got one ticket written up for 148 mph on the radar as a souvenir, with
>> > VOIDED BY OFFICER across it, I wish I could find it.
>> YEEEHAAA! What was the car?
> I'd be interested to know also. Back in the early 1970s i had a 66
> 425HP Corvette I once, and only once, took up to 140mph. Front end
> got real light around 135 and I have always believe the car would have
> gone airborne a little above 140 mph. Wasn't many cars back then that
> could break even 130 back then but once worked with a man in the steel
> mills in Ohio that got a ticket in VA for doinfg138 mph in his then
> new 68 Buick Gran Sport Rivera. The GS option came with 2 four
> barrels.

I almost got up to that...with a Corolla!!!

Back in 1986 I bought a Corolla GTS Twin Cam 1.6L with 10,000 miles on it.
My wife's sisters all lived in Oshawa Ont (home of GM Canada) and we would
go visit them in the summer.

Just outside Kingston I got left in the dust by a Volvo Bertone and a
Prelude. I figured this was as good a time as any, so I pegged it. I got
up to about 130 and, as you say, the front end got flighty. I had a
little bit more to go, but decided not to push it, esp with wifey in the
car, so I crawled back to 125 and stayed there until the other two got out
of sight, and then went back to the absolute sluggish speed of 75...

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On Jul 27, 8:22 pm, Hachiroku $B%O%A%m%/(B <Tru...(a)e86.GTS> wrote:
> Over the years I have seen the Ct State police use just about anything for
> an unmarked car, the usual Crown Vics, an occasional Chevy Impala of one
> vintage or another. In the 80's they used Mustang 5.0s and Mazda MX6s for
> undercover work.
> Imagine my surprise when on a work trip to Hartford today I see a car
> pulled over just outside of Enfield, with another car behind it. I didn't
> notice the first car because of the second car. Then I saw the blue
> uniform writing a ticket...
> In one of these...

Speaking of sneaky, here's a clip from Holland, I don't know what the
"survellance" car looked like but the Porsche driver obviously knew
someone was trailing him.