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What I hate about Big Oil
On Jun 14, 10:10 am, FatterDumber& Happier Moe <"WheresMyCheck"@UncleSamLoves.Mee> wrote: Oh hell,  get with the program, buy a few shares of BP,  you will be glad you did. I tried that with IBM and it took forever to recover from the subsequent stock decline. Buy stock in companies that are trying to r... 18 Jun 2010 19:07
UAVs for traffic enforcement
Coming to a roadway near you: unmanned aerial vehicles. <> -- TJH ... 18 Jun 2010 11:22
"Interstate 52"?
In article <e5ca161easqhso4n8p0rmq57nv37kfbkvl(a)>, Zidane's_Last_Red_Card(a) says... Why doesn't he (sic) show us a picture of the actual highway? The highway is nothing special. It's La Jolla Parkway at that point, then becomes CA-52 as you cross I-5. It traverses... 14 Jun 2010 00:53
World's greatest car salesman You gotta like this guy. brad ... 11 Jun 2010 12:37
Are you worried BP goes under and the UK becomes the 51stState?
On Fri, 11 Jun 2010 06:36:21 -0700, His Highness the TibetanMonkey, Creator of the Movement of Tantra-Hammock wrote: On Jun 11, 5:25 am, "Pink Freud" <somewh...(a)> wrote: "Alan Ferris" <hairy.fer...(a)> wrote in message news:ejq31691og8ann237nnuqfs1meflr5ra7g(a) On Th... 11 Jun 2010 11:30
Creative MFFY
On 2010-06-11, Scott in SoCal <scottenaztlan(a)> wrote: The scene: a surface street leading to a freeway on-ramp at rush hour. The on-ramp is at the far right of the picture. Two lanes of traffic coming from the left are doing a zipper merge at the choke point just past the first left turn pocket. Si... 11 Jun 2010 10:22
Are you worried BP goes under and the UK becomes the 51st State?
I was hearing in the news today how worried the British government is about BP losing ground and the investors not getting their returns... That would be the End of the World as we know it, right? What's next, America taking over? I like what... 12 Jun 2010 13:49
Arizona and America want tent cities for illegals
On Thu, 10 Jun 2010 06:18:49 -0500, Jose(a)Casa_Mierda wrote: Arizona pol wants immigrant 'tent city', I say spare the tents Amen. cole ... 8 Jul 2010 02:40
auto safety bill legislates mandatory black boxes
On 06/09/10 14:20, lil abner wrote: I've searched for a while and I can't find a bill number. Trying to find anything at a government site is useless without knowing exactly what you're looking for. Is it a bill? A resolution? Something that somebody is usin... 12 Jun 2010 19:22
Honk if You're a PSYCHOPATHIC Driver
The state would get less heat on these stiffer penalties if they reminded everyone that criminal drivers are a bigger threat to each of us than all other criminals put together.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... 9 Jun 2010 14:15
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