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Shaquifa wrote:
> "Richard Crowley" <rcrowley(a)> wrote in
> news:sPadnUAX9u8Vr8TXnZ2dnUVZ_rwAAAAA(a)posted.pcez:
>> Peter Larsen wrote:
>>> MOSFET wrote:
>>>> First, off, your not going to win any points here with overt racisim.
>>>> Also, we speak English here (and I want to be clear, I am certainly
>>>> NOT a racist myself, but if you want some actual helpful advice,
>>>> perhaps lose the slang as it just wastes bandwidth).
>>> Ah, it never crossed your mind that is just that little bit overdone
>>> that makes it look like a hoax?
>> Indeed, it has all the halmarks of a troll and worthy of
>> ignoring any further response. And any further nonesense
>> from the OP will gain him/her/it a prominent and permanent
>> place on my twit list.
> It be a safe bet that none o y'all lived next door to avttref for any
> length of time. If y'all did, y'all would unnastan the audio hell it put
> you thru.
> S.

I don't unnastan whut u be talkin bout y0!