From: jbclem3 on
I just acquired a brand new looking Alpine 7534S am/fm cassette radio. It
only came with an users guide and nothing else, no wiring harness of power
plug. On eBay all I find are 16 pin power plugs and this radio takes a 10
pin (2 rows of 5 pins). It also has two other black plug receptacles,
taking 8 pin plugs, but I think they are for the built-in CD controller and
I probably won't be using that.

If I can't find a 10 pin power plug, I can run individual wires if I have a
schematic or even an installation guide showing the destinations for the
individual wires. When I google for a manual all I get are these manual
companies that want about $40 and payment in advance...that's not going to

The other issue is this unit has an electronic code. The users guide
indicates that this code will activate if I remove the "key". I see no key,
and the users guide has a spot for a serial number and a code sticker but
neither are there. So first I have to power this radio, then I find out how
if the code is activated.

I'd appreciate any kind of information about these two problems.