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"Silk" <me(a)> wrote in message
> On 28/04/2010 07:11, thomas wrote:
>> who are the "arbiters" of cool?
>> they say an austin a40 is an old banger yet a moggie is cool - if you
>> like it - that's all that matters
> It's one thing liking something, but a completely different thing to bore
> the rest of us with it.
> For the record, I think all old cars are inherently uncool, a Morris Minor
> especially so.

It is their uncoolness which attracts other people to them.

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In article <4bd3d046.78377906(a)>, verysorry(a)
> Is Jamie Oliver known to be a car enthusiast, especially of older
> vehicles?

He does have a VW Camper fully restored but fitted with a 911 engine.
So he does some old car interest.

Carl Robson
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