From: Doug on
Some here have expressed doubts as to the veracity of the reports of
the LAPD attack on Critical Mass, particularly the short video but
also of reports by witnesses. This should clear the matter up,

"...With Bicycle Advisory Committee Chair Glenn Bailey presiding, the
floor was opened to public comment. One by one, dozens of speakers
voiced their disgust, frustration, exasperation, and dismay with
police officers' unquestionably excessive use of force that night.
"How many car drivers get thrown to the ground by police after a
routine traffic violation?" several attendees asked rhetorically.

Among the LAPD representatives in attendance, contrition was the theme
of the evening, with several officers expressing sincere regret for
the actions of a handful of their coworkers last Friday. Indeed, even
Chief of Police Charlie Beck showed up to say that he too was
"concerned about these incidents" and that the department "has taken
immediate action based on information from this community."

Beck assured those assembled that the "officers involved have been
removed from the field and will remain removed until we get to the
bottom of this."..."

Seems LAPD cops are a tad more accountable than our lot.

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