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>>> The wiring appears to be perfect, so I'm beginning to suspect the
>>> throttle body. Second hand ones are around for �45, against �95-140 for
>>> a new item - does anyone know if it's a major pain in the neck to swap
>>> one of these? If it is, it's going to a man what knows...
>> I've had the TB off our Lupo (1.4 AFK) to clean it, and it was dead easy-
>> take off the airbox, then 4 bolts and one multi-plug. You'll want a new
>> rubber seal for it.
> Right then. Sounds like time for a new to me TB and find a man to reset
> the stepper. There's no cheap way of doing it without forking out for full
> vag com is there?

Doh I wish I read the full thread lol. Some peeps in the know reckon driving
the car around for a while will reset the throttle settles, as it re-learns
it from your driving, but it runs like a bag of spanners whilst doing so.

To my dismay theres never a cheap way of doing sod all these days on car
lol. I've been stung many times with car problems.