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>> calling a spade a spade isn't name calling.
> It is here; it's an insulting term for blacks.

i'm aware of that usage, but i refuse to abandon the much older saying
because of what latter-day yahoos did to the word. where present, the insult
lies in the intent of the speaker.

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>> % wrote:
>>> hiding from the David
>> Of course he's still. He died.
>> You sir have no taste and respect.
> Patrick died on 5th November last year and was buried on 10th.
> His father wrote to me about the vehicles that Patrick left me in his
> will, and rang me several times about it. He was clearly heartbroken
> that he had buried his only child alongside his wife, who had died of
> cancer (leukemia, I think) when Patrick was a child.
> To simplify things, Patrick's father and I agreed that the estate
> would purchase the vehicles from me rather than me having to collect
> them and transfer them back to NSW. That was all completed in March
> this year.
> I'm really not interested in the mentally disturbed crossposters who
> insist on trolling, so I'm making this one post to set the record
> straight and that's that.

Thanks for that.
Didn't know he'd left for real.
Or unreal, for that matter.
He's missed, for real - here.

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