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>> The behavior is erratic. Sometime it starts with no problem. Other
>> times, even though the battery is fully charged, it will not even turn
>> the starter and displays the Security light on the dash. The Buick
>> dealer says it could be one of several problems with the key
>> lock/switch. However, they describe it as expensive($200-300). Has
>> anyone had this problem and how was it fixed?
> This is not an uncommon problem with this type of security system. The
> keys contain a precision resistance which, when you try to start the cart,
> is compared with the standard resistance value in the security system.
> If a significant difference is found, the security light will come on and
> the
> car wont start. There are several variations of this.
> And, yes, it is a pain in the butt.
> If you want to keep this security feature, you will have to have a
> competent mechanic replace the parts that are causing the problem . The
> key itself could
> be a problem but it is normally due to aging, wear, etc in the key contact
> device.
> You CAN have someone remove the wires to the key reader and solder in a
> precision resistor like the one you have in your key. This usually solves
> the
> no start problem, but your car will no longer have that functioning bit of
> a security system. Small price to pay, IMO.

Hey, H, someone steals a 16 year old car... ;)

Of course, I would be pretty upset...