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>>Holding the fob to the side of my nose will double the range of the
>>various Ford remotes I've tried it with, and if the battery is almost
>>flat, may still allow the remote to work.
> The only explanation for that is if pressing it to your nose provides
> the RF transmitter with a better Ground Plane effect than just
> it in your hand.
> Resting it on a neighbouring car roof should be even more effective if
> that is the case. :-)

I think it is more to do with the key being used at a higher altitude
than the usual waist level with a clearer path and the second press
'waking' an old or cold battery.
I have experimented with this greatly at 3 am. in my work multistory
carpark when I've been bored out of my skull. :-)

The above post may contain traces of irony
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