From: Dasyurid on
Hi Viatologists,

Did you know that you can now purchase Viatology mugs, steins,
t-shirts, fridge magnets, hoodies and caps? Well its true.

From: Master_Shake on
I'll save my money for something more important.. Like hookers.
From: Steve Firth on
Dasyurid <dasyurid(a)> wrote:

> Viatology mugs,

Carl Todgers and, presumably the two other loonies that he claims
contribute to his webshite.

> stains on t-shirts

One dreads to think how those stains were created. A charitable
suggestion would be Todger's slack-jawed drooling.

> bodies

I don't doubt it.

> and caps?

Dutch caps like the one Todger's mother forgot to wear on her excursion
to the State Home for the Bewildered?

> Well its true.

Nothing Todgers posts is ever true.
From: Concrete Bob on
If some "Viatology" toilet paper is ever offered, there may be some
buyers out there!!!
From: Steve Firth on
Dasyurid <dasyurid(a)> wrote:


"Viatology isn't defined"

And that link leads to products bearing "MFEO".

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