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>> No doubt. Even our legal system encourages payola for "expert
>> witnesses". There is nothing that prevents or even deters a legal
>> team from hiring someone with good paper credentials to "find" this or
>> that.
>> But is this guy really a good enough writer to do this professionally?
>> I doubt it. And also since the audience of Usenet has diminished
>> greatly over the years, it wouldn't really be an efficient use of time
>> or money for someone to pay him to troll here.
> You need to understand Jim Bean. He thinks anyone who doesn't agree with him
> is either an idiot or a paid shill. He attacks me and claims I am a paid
> shill because I don't go along with his "party line" regarding the supposed
> awesome quality of Japanese cars.
> The truth is I am just an ordinary citizen

sure you are ed. that's why you blindly and steadfastly regurgitate the
party line, even when it it is blatantly and patently bullshit.

> who has owned all sorts of cars
> from most manufacturers, or at least had close family members that did. I
> have never believed all the BS about how great Toyota are. I owned one years
> ago and it was a turd. Others in my family have owned them and currently
> there are 5 Toyotas in my close family group. All of them have so far been
> reliable. I particularly like my Mother's Highlander (I should, I
> recommended it to her) and particularly dislike the 3 RAV4 owned by the
> group ( POS ergonomics being my main gripe - but the actual owners are very
> happy). My experience has been that Toyota builds vehicles with quality and
> longevity comparable to vehicles from other major manufacturers. Some
> Toyotas are good and some are bad. I do think tht in the past Toyota has
> routinely misled Customers and worked very hard to cover up significant
> defects. The sudden acceleration "issue" finally exposed some of these
> practices. I think it is ironic that this isn't even close to the most
> blatant customer dis-service issue. On a percentage of vehicles sold, rusted
> truck frames, defective ball joints, rollover prone 4Runners, and others
> were all much more significant cases of Toyota quality and design problems
> but they never generated the sort of firestorm related to the UA issue. And
> even the origin of the UA firestorm (the match that lit the fire so to
> speak) was not Toyota's fault in any meaningful way (the Lexus out of
> control in California). But now that the cat is out of the bag, Toyota is
> getting the sort of scrutiny that was absent in the past. It is well
> deserved.

so ed, apart from being full of it, where is your "scrutiny" of your
employers failing to, ahem, "notice" that the billions of taxpayer
dollars used to keep them afloat are in fact being used to support
chinese jobs, not american? because that's where g.m. gets its
componentry. unlike toyota that not only assembles its vehicle here,

oh, wait, am i not supposed to point out the facts??? [rhetorical]

> Ed

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