From: Fred on
On Fri, 4 Jun 2010 08:59:24 +0100, "Mrcheerful" <nbkm57(a)>

>the oil you need is about 3 quid a litre trade.

And �10+ per litre to the public, ouch!

>The other problem is the makers have pressure to make longer service
>intervals and that really does need larger oil capacity and super quality

I don't mind the quantity, 4L is not much really, and I wouldn't mind
using super oil, it's just a shame that each make has a different
super oil, why can't they all use the same type of 5w30?!
From: Fred on
Just to say that I asked Vauxhall why A5 oil was not recommended and
they said it is because of the additives in it but they didn't go into
any further detail. HTH