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>>>>And it's going to require new sensors too... "E) Rollover data."
>>> Probably not. Any car with traction control already has yaw sensors.
>>False. Cheap traction control uses the ABS wheel speed sensors. Only a
>>full blown vehicle dynamics system would have yaw sensors.
> Maybe that's how corner-cutting Ford does things, but my GM car most
> defnitely has yaw sensors.

Do you have a problem? Yes, the more expensive cars like Corvettes get
more comprehensive systems. Now go look for the yaw sensors in a cobalt.

>>> The hard part will be implementing the standard external interface so
>>> that the same software will be able to download data from ALL cars.
>>> The way the car industry moves, there's no way in hell they can all do
>>> that by 2012, let alone the 2012 model year.

>>Either the whole industry coming upon an agreed upon universal interface
>>or the government coming up with one would take years.

> Consider the history of the on-board diagnostics port. It took over 20
> years for the industry to standardize on a connector (OBD-II) and a
> single protocol (CAN). The final convergence only took place in the
> 2008 model year.

Over 20 years?? OBD2 was required for all MY 1996 cars. 20 years before
that was the age of very primitive automotive electronics. They were
simple and diagnosis was a multimeter affair. There wasn't any
interface. It would be a years yet before counting blinks of a light
on the dash.

>>This depends if it is implemented as a physically separate module. It
>>will likely be so on some early variants but it will be integrated into
>>some vital component like the engine management computer eventually.

> Currently the data recorder is integrated into the airbag module. Even
> if you consider airbags to be a "vital component" my scheme does not
> destroy the module until after it has deployed the airbags. At that
> point it's no longer vital. :)

Currently the recorder doesn't need to be tamper proof and only needs to
record what the manufacturer wants it to. The legislation requires tying
the recorder to the vin, something airbag modules probably aren't.

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On 06/10/10 08:10, Brent wrote:

>>>Then there's the whole problem of congress thinking government has
>>>unlimited power and all...
>> Unless someone stops them, they effectively do.
> So much for that free country BS. Long live the empire as they say.

I, for one, welcome our new omniscient all-caring overlords.

Cheers, Bev
"Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey
and car keys to teenage boys." -- P.J. O'Rourke