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>"Lynn Williams, a construction worker in a yellow vest, was standing in
>the middle of a South Boston intersection, holding a sign warning
>drivers to slow down, when police showed up and ordered her to stop, she
>said. .They threatened to arrest me,.. she said. "Wasn.t that nice of
>"State officials say they want to use civilian flaggers, allowed under a
>new state law, to save money; police in Boston and elsewhere, who can
>earn huge amounts of money working at construction sites, have argued
>that public safety is better served by having officers, rather than
>civilians, working the jobs."
>The gang/thug behavior of cops is really on display with this issue in
>As a side note: 'civilians' and 'cops'. I love how even the modern use
>of the language makes it clear we are ruled over and occupied.

The state police union here in AZ is like the mafia. They were the
only ones allowed to work on highway projects doing "traffic control",
not counting flag man. They got paid OT from the moment they left
their house, their "second job" pay got added to their state pay for
purposes of calculating their pension, local cops were frozen out of
the work, they got paid around $30 an hour, non-negotiable, and about
$8 an hour went straight to the union. Plus they charged an
additional $10 an hour for the state patrol car which was essentially
a direct transfer of money from one state agency to another and was
way more then it cost to use the car. If you want to find the largest
group of organized criminals in any state just go visit the police
unions offices.