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Clocky wrote:
> Harmonic balancer noises don't go away, they just get worse.

Yes, I'm thinking it went away after a while because of an air bubble
that needed to get bled out before enough oil pressure could build up?
It happened after an oil change.

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On Mon, 09 Aug 2010 11:29:44 +1000, Lars Chance
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>George Orwell wrote:
>> I have a VL Commodore. The engine has been rattling like
>> a bucket of bolts. The local workshop said do not go far,
>> it is gunna blow up. My neighbour said put 30W70 oil in,
>> she'll be right mate. It was due for a lube, so I
>> tried that. And it did become quieter, but not until I
>> drove it for half an hour. I understand that if the shafts
>> are worn then a thicker oil might help, but I am perplexed
>> by the delayed reaction. It is almost as if the oil has
>> healed something.
>> (That was 3 weeks ago, and still no conrods smashed their
>> way out yet).
>Is that the Datsun engine?
>It's probably just the cam-chain that was rattling and the hydraulic
>cam-chain tensioner that has responded to the thicker oil.

No, you're probably thinking of their L-series engines.
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