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> > They sound a bit like standard builder's gloves.
> >
> >
> > I find these ok for most things - although like with any gloves not
> > brilliant for handling small nuts etc. On the car, obviously.

> very similar in appearance to those, but those look bulky, whereas these
> fit closely.

No - they're a good fit. No problems using power tools etc.

> I have just done a quick test and found that I can pick up/feel thin
> 5mm washers from flat metal surfaces easily and pick up and handle 5mm
> nuts with no problem, as a bizarre aside I have just realised that I am
> typing easily with them on. So far top marks, tomorrow's test will
> involve a late Mondeo diesel for a full service.

Luckily I don't suffer from allergies etc so rarely use gloves. Only for
some gardening - like pulling out nettles.

*Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental

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From: Paul Muranyi on
Hi Mr Cheerful,

Just picked up your comments regarding the Contour Avenger gloves. Thanks for the compliments - they're our gloves and as you say, they've just gone on sale through Costco - where they are selling them so much cheaper than comparable gloves through the likes of Arco etc. where they are about £3 - £4 a pair.
Thanks for your endorsement.
Best regards,

Tornado Gloves Limited

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