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> Tell me Noodle how do you weigh a cylinder of tank when filling in
> situ?

Can I have the English version of that when you're ready?

> Better tell us about the scales that you drive your LPG car onto when
> you fill it.

Maybe you better tell us about yours, as I've never seen any :)

> Better also tell us about the scales at the servo where you fill your
> BBQ bottles...

A very good case in point here Oz.

BBQ bottles are filled neither by weight *or* litre, but buy whatever the
servo attendant thinks is "full", and that can vary quite a bit depending on
how busy he is at the time. Either way, you pay a set fee for a varying

I use quite a bit of LPG around the home, for garage heating, the BBQ,
soldering and what have you. I have half a dozen 9kg bottles, and I fill
them myself from the 100 litre "plumbers" bottle I fill at the local autogas
bowser in the back of my ute.

Costs around 32 bucks to do it that way, compared to 150 bucks to have 45kg
of gas put in it at the proper refil station or have the truck come out and
fill it.

> Better explain that guage on the tanker that measures in litres and
> the invoices that arrive where I'm charged in litres for the fills.

You really have no concept of the world outside your little domain, do you?


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> Exactly....And the bank of cylinders was to have sufficient supply.

I thought I already said that :)

> Do you know why you had a number of cylinders not just a large tank?

Because a large tank would have been pretty difficult to fill on site don't
you think?

> MIG pulsed...on 316

Ooh. I bet that was pretty :)


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> You, in your frail health should probably have your 45kg cylinder
> installed outside your shed and filled in situ.

You can have them filled on site as I said, but they charge you for the 45kg
fill, not the amount of litres that goes into the bottle. They also charge
you for "domestic Gas" at the kilogram rate rather than the regular "lpg"
litre rate, and on their scale that works out to around a buck fifty per

I have a small forklift, and have no trouble lifting the bottle in & out of
my ute to fill it up and 47 cents per litre thanks :)


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> insitu cyls have a bleeder, with a length of tube attached, about 6" on
> a 45kg........this is opened during filling. when the liquid level in cyl.
> reaches the tube liquid is expelled, and filling is complete. this leaves
> a vapour space of about 45kg cyls do not have a
> bleeder, so, unless its weighed youve got no idea how full the cyl
> is......DANGEROUS.............the only exception, if you *know* the cyl.
> is m/t you can put in 89l and that will leave your vapour
> space.........illegal, but if ya gotta.........

I get anywhere between 85 & 100 litres into mine at the local servo,
depending on the quality of the "autogas" mix they have available at the


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"Athol" <me(a)> wrote in message

> I'm almost ROTFLMAO at the fact that he can ask something so
> fundamentally stupid then come back and claim to have done Al & SS
> welding.

Pretty amusing.

Almost as funny as saying they used a pulsed mig to weld stainless :)


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