From: Steve Firth on
Nick Finnigan <nix(a)> wrote:

> > So you'll understand his fantabulosa polari on that site then.
> I thought it was just business buzzword burlesque. Am I missing
> something?

I think you're missing the point that "Squashme" is a humorless
From: Adrian on
"mileburner" <mileburner(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much
like they were saying:

> Let me give an example of someone I know.
> She lives in an area densely populated and short on parking. She works
> Monday to Friday full time. She drives to work in the morning and
> returns home in the evening. She displays a blue badge in her car which
> entitles her to park outside her house in the disabled bay which the
> council provided for her father who is rarely at the house. Admittedly
> the father has mobility difficulty but he does not drive. He is always a
> passenger and on those rare occasions when he visits this house, there
> is no reason why the father cannot dropped off at the house and the
> daughter find a parking space. She claims he lives there but they have
> scammed it. She is the driver. It is her car. And he was the means of
> getting her very own parking space.

That's OK. When his blue badge is withdrawn because she's abusing it, she
won't be able to park there either.

I do hope you've reported that abuse of the blue badge to the council?