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Scott Dorsey wrote:
> Tegger <tegger(a)tegger.c0m> wrote:
>>> Some anti-seize compounds, those intended for oxygen sensors for
>>> example, contain glass beads. What sort of lubrication do you suppose
>>> glass beads provide?
>> First post doesn't seem to have "taken". Repost follows:
>> The beads roll, to prevent seizure of the sensor?
> Yes, it's sort of a kind of lubricant.
> Another example of that sort of macrolubrication is bentonite grease,
> which is made with a kind of clay that has big flat pieces that slide
> easily across one another.
>>> For drum brake shoe pads, there is "Brake Lube" - which is, simply,
>>> white lithium grease.
>> That's what I use in electrical connectors, which is what the factory used.
>> I did not know you could use it for where the shoes contact the backing
>> plate.
> I tend to suspect silicone dielectric grease is more effective on
> connectors,

it is - it's oem. bearing grease isn't a good insulator, is not good in
the wet and can deteriorate the plastic materials used in the connectors

> but the lithium grease is cheaper and should last twenty or
> thirty years.

it's not the grease that matters - it's the connectors!

> --scott