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>> Hi
>> I own a Ford fiesta 1.25 zetec 1999. Just recently i have started to
>> have problems with the air circulation. The car is constantly steaming
>> up! The only way i can clear it is by having the air conditioning on -
>> which sees the power and fuel drop!
>> When i press the air re circulation button, nothing happens. There is
> Don't use the re-circulate use the fresh air option. I find leaving the
> window open fraction helps while the blower is on, just gives the moist
> warm air an easy exit.
> Lick the window...(no seriously)... Does it taste sweet/leave a greasy
> oily smear that is a beggar to clean off? If so you possibly have a leaky
> heater matrix and the moisture is coolant... Check the levels!
> Tom

Lick the window ! Lol probably best not to try that while you're driving,
apart from the funny looks you'd get it'd probably be a bit dangerous!

Maybe running a finger through the moisture on the screen then tasting the
tip of your finger would be a better/easier option!

But you're right about what you say about leaking heater matrix.

Also using "recirculate" is a bad idea, especially if you've been using the
aircon. Recirculate simply blows the moist air in the car (and any moisture
that has collected on the heat exchanger if you've been using the aircon)
onto the windscreen making it steam up, better to put it onto the fresh air
setting. Or if that doesnt work you'll just have to switch off the blower
and open the windows, and get the leak or faulty recirculate/fresh air knob