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>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> my car is a Toyota Corolla GLS, VVTi , 1.4, year 2000. After
>>>>> noticing oil on the gearbox casing, I checked the gearbox oil
>>>>> level and it was lower than the filling plug. Topped it up with
>>>>> approx quarter of a litre. At the time I thought it was the drain
>>>>> plug washer, so replaced it. Recently checked again, same amount
>>>>> down. This time I suspect the drive shaft oil seal.
>>>>> Any rough estimate of how much this might cost to replace.
>>>>> North London.
>>>>> Thanks for any feedback.
>>>>> Paul.
>>>> drive shaft seal about 5 to 10 pounds plus labour about 60 to 100
>>> Interesting pricing.
>> It depends how much the garage charge for labour and which seal it
>> is etc. I was allowing for an hour labour in an average sort of
>> London area garage. In fact that may be a bit on the cheap side,
>> since a quick check on auto data shows that the book time is 1.5 or
>> 2 hours depending on manual or auto. So a revised estimate is 90 -
>> 200 plus the seal. or more if it is both sides. That is assuming
>> that it is the drive shaft seal !!
> It's a manual transmission. And yes, IF it is the drive shaft seal.
> The leak is close to the seal but it could be a failing gasket
> perhaps? I'll keep a close watch on it.

gearboxes are usually glued together and don't tend to have gaskets in the
middle, sometimes at the outer end.