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>>>> Just watched the programme on building the Porsche 911.
>>>> I couldn't understand how they can put the engine together.
>>>> It showed 3 cylinders going into one block - the big ends being
>>>> fitted to the crankshaft and then the other cylinder block being
>>>> fitted.
>>>> Not sure how the con rods of the second cylinder could be fitted to
>>>> the crankshaft once the two cylinder blocks are fitted as I didn't
>>>> see a removable sump plate.
>>> on the air cooled 911 the crank is built with the rods on and the
>>> case halves assembled round it, then the pistons and barrells go on
>> But how would you fit the pistons to the con rods - or do they enter
>> from the bottom - rather than the head end of the block?
> pistons go in to the bottom of the cylinder like a motorcycle engine. or
> you can put them in from the top, push them almost all the way through and
> put the gudgeon pin in and then finish lowering the barrell.

Got it! Thanks