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>>>> I have the Haynes manual. Don't like it. The truck has a V6. Any
>>>> suggestions?
>>> Found the Chilton manual for it at Borders. Much better than the
>>> worthless Haynes manual. Funny thing is that Chilton is owned by
>>> Haynes. Does GM make a manual for this truck?
>>> Jon Banquer
>>> San Diego, CA
>> GM doesn't MAKE any manuals. Helm does.
>> However I believe they dropped the older vehicles.
>> You should be able to find them used though.
>> You might want to look at Mitchell online.
>> Make sure you look at
>> to see what they don't cover.
>> --
>> Steve W.
> This is the first I've heard of Helm manuals. Thanks for mentioning
> them.
> Jon Banquer
> San Diego, CA
Helm is the company that actually prints the GM factory manuals.
They also print Ford, American Honda, Isuzu and Hyundai manuals.

They also have an online service where you can view the information.
Steve W.