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That is a pretty old van. If the solution works, fine...
It sounded like, to me, that he had a weakened radiator and didnt want to
full pressure inside it.

I have a 98 Dodge custom van with the 318 engine, and had to loosen the cap
two occasions, (1) when the Welch plugs developed pinholes and (2) when a
developed a leak. Got me home safely both times.

Of course, all this is simply stopgap until he can fix it, or get home and
let it die a
well deserved death.

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I couldn't find my old can of engine degreaser stuff, I guess I threw it
away a few months ago.I have a gallon of mineral spirits and a quart can
of acetone.I used the acetone and a 3/4 inch wide artist brush.I think I
have it clean enough now, but I am going to work on it some
more.Tomorrow I will mix up some J B Weld and I will let the J B Weld
set for a day or so.When I start the engine I am going to let it sit
there and run for about an hour with the radiator cap loose and see what
happens before I drive anywhere.I think I will buy a 4 lb radiator cap,
somebody mentioned a 4 lbs pressure rated radiator cap.There isn't
anything wrong with the radiator, it is the timing chain case cover
where the hole is.At least that is what somebody said a few months ago
in this newsgroup.

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Yesterday about 12:00 PM/high noon, I put some J B Weld on the area.I am
letting the van sit a few days before I put some water and antifreeze
(Prestone, of course) into the radiator, I am not in a hurry to drive
anywhere.There are no real hills around here to speak of.I always stay
on the back streets where I can drive slow, my speed, 100 percent city
traffic.I am scared of the interstates, those people are crazy out there
and my sixty seven years old reflexes aren't what they used to be.The
slower I can legally drive, the better I like it.I might remove the
thermostat later on and see if that helps.My old van doesn't have an
electric radiator fan, it does have a plastic coolant recovery tank
mounted near the top area of the radiator.

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I own a 1914 Ford Model T Runabout Roadster Car.I don't drive it around
though.If I did, that brass radiator probally wouldn't be on there after
I came out of whatever store.I also own a 1948 Willys Jeep, I paid a guy
in a nearby town $300.00 cash for my Jeep.Jeep is completely worn out,
it was like that when I bought it, he said it has two burned valves.And
I also own a 1961 made in Germany Hercules Moped, it has bicycle pedals
on it, Moped only has sixteen original miles on it.I am too fat to get
behind the steering wheel of my Jeep,
I am too fat for my Moped.

I am not too fat for my raggity old 1978 Dodge van though.

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Shes too fat,,,,,, sheas too fat,,,,, shes too fat for meeeee,,,,,,