From: DayDragon on
Stewart Hargrave wrote:
> tell us who this insurance
> company is. Much research on my part and several others has failed to
> turn up a single one that won't currently ask for a certificate of
> some sort.
I'm with MoreThan (who were actually less than :) ). They prefer you to
have a certificate for the system but they don't ask to see it :)

From: hugh on
In message <1145481276.057526.326690(a)>,
david.cawkwell(a) writes
>Find an insurance company that doesn't care about it being certified.
>It is easier and cheaper. :-).
>I've never heard anything so daft as certified. Provided you have a kit
>and it is
>firmly fixed in and not leaking gas. I've seen more dangerous petrol
>driving around with worn/rusty fuel pipes.
It's the "provided" bit that's checked on certification.
And there are a few more safety issues than simply firmly fixed and not
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