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John_H wrote:
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>>>> There a lot not on the "list" and many you would not know of but looking
>>>> at the real makers of things look as an example for the Robinson's and a
>>>> lot of seemingly Eu names working on the bomb circa 1941/5 all from
>>>> Unzud , even a couple of Au's there
>> I never met the bloke but I did meet several Kiwis who worked on the
>> secrete stuff during wwII including Heath Robinson apparently a many
>> times removed rello who worked on the big banger
>> Shame we didn't inherit the "smarts" gene ?
> You've got me there!
> W. Heath Robinson was a British cartoonist (born and bred). He never
> made any of the contraptions he's associated with... he only drew
> them.
> Are you thinking of some other Heath Robinson?
I am thinking of heath r not w heath r after all the name is not patent
Granny always used to mention him being her cousin/relo
remember there was a cast of thousand
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Scotty wrote:
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> : Jason James wrote:
> : >
> : >Is he the old guy who did time-trials at Bonneville with an old but
> fast
> : >bike, on the salt-flats or whatever they call them?
> :
> : Yep, and famous Kiwis are so few and far between he's probably the
> : next most famous to Edmund Hillary... if you don't count Piggy
> : Muldoon. :)
> :
> :
> :
> : --
> : John H
> Your thinking of Burt Munroe and the Bonniville Salt Flats in Utah.
> And dont forget......Possum Bourne, SIR Edmund Hillary, (Sir?) Peter
> Blake, Rod and Scott Dixon,
> Rachel Hunter, Sam Neil, Neil and Tim Finn, Anna Panquin (Spelling?),
> Bruno Laurence, Peter Jackson,
> Rita Angus, Zo� Bell, Michael Campbell, Jane Campion, Keisha
> Castle-Hughes, Russell Crowe (Of
> course), Dave Dobbyn, Roger Donaldson, Gareth Farr, Lucy Lawless, Ernest
> Rutherford, Kiri Te
> Kanawa, Sarah Ulmer, Keith Urban, Hayley Westenra, Jona Lomu, Nicole
> Kidman, Lucy Lawless, Richard
> Hadlee, Richard Pearse, Mark Todd, John Walker...............
> The list just goes on and on.
onya Scotty....


"Usenet is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhea - massive,
difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind
- boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it." - Gene

Here there are almost as many Kiwis as there Ausies, they make up for their
slight lack of numbers by being noisier louts.

I do know a bloke that works at Lae Builders from Invercargill, interesting
bloke. Les pointed out when I first met him that he came from the southern
most outpost of the British empire. Coming from the same smallish city he
knew of Bert and lived a couple of blocks from him (or so I was told) Les'
parents were in the town from the early times.

Heaven help the Aussie expat community here when those bloody All Blacks
have a win.

Brad Leyden
6� 43.5816' S 146� 59.3097' E WGS84
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