From: Chris Bartram on
On 06/08/2010 12:45, Adrian wrote:
> Anthony Cunningham<anthony.j.cunningham(a)> gurgled happily,
> sounding much like they were saying:
>> I was telling a friend this last night and he advised that I should
>> involve a claim management company on my behalf. Is this worth doing?
>> Does anyone here have any experience of one of these companies that they
>> can recommend?
> I used one a couple of years ago, when my car was hit whilst parked. I
> forget who, but one of the big names - recommended to my by the bodyshop
> I wanted to use.
> They make their money off high charges for their hire car charges. I
> wasn't claiming off my own insurance (to minimise the chances of my car
> being written off), but directly off the other driver's, so there was an
> added-value for me in that it helped to ensure the repairs were done to
> my satisfaction by my preferred repairer with minimal hassle on my part.
> If your own insurer is involved, which they are, then I'm not sure a
> third party would add much to it.
I used one of them after my Audi got rear-ended and it did mean I got a
decent hire car (a BMW 1- I didn't love it, but it was better than the
usual poverty-spec tat you get).