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Windscreen wiper blades
I'm thoroughly sick of the one size fits all universal refills that Repco stock locally. The quality seems to get worse with each new batch. Any suggestions as to what brands, or types, are best (and don't look like they were designed and manufactured in an Oriental gaol)? Either replacement blades or refil... 2 Aug 2010 23:34
Ford Wheels ??
Hi Folks Got a chance to buy some mags & tyres off of an AU Falcon....Would someone be so kind as to let me know if they'll fit my 96 EL Fairmont ? Regards Ingens ... 28 Jul 2010 07:29
Pollie's cars
**Following on from a recent discussion on the $2k rebate on old cars offered by the gummint, I did some thinking whilst stuck in Shitney traffic yesterday. Here's my thoughts: * MPs have different needs and travel widely different distances in their vehicles. A city MP might travel in a radius of (say) 20km, ... 30 Jul 2010 02:10
Racing fuel THAT good?
Develops a extra 700HP? ... 27 Jul 2010 08:27
88 Tarago
Hi guys. My 88 tarago RV 2.2L manual won't start. It's got good spark. It turns over as if it would start, but never fires. The RACV guy sprayed some carby primer stuff into the intake, and said if it was not getting fuel, it would at least fire on this stuff, and it didn't so he's ruled out a fuel issue as well.... 29 Jul 2010 04:17
Gillard's $2k offer
I was thinking about this over the weekend. Anyone know what the fuel consumption figures of the PM's Com-Car is? I assume it is a V8. Fuel consumption would be no better than 9L/100km. Combined figures are going to be considerably worse. My 1992 6 cyl Dunny-dore returns around 7.5 L/100km. I reckong that fi... 10 Aug 2010 01:35
Trucks and right lanes (Vic)
To the truckies, how is the new rule about keeping left going? Causing hassles, adapting to it, what? Certainly the day that it came into force, shitloads of truckies were calling the talkback stations. Unfortunately for them the commentators were less than sympathetic. ... 11 Aug 2010 02:49
Local Electric Car Shunned by Government The government has shunned a local electric car manufacturer and has ordered vehicles from Mitsubishi. The local manufacturer says that its vehicle is bigger, more efficient and a lot cheaper. The government said ... 3 Aug 2010 06:00
A "fixer-upper"
On Sun, 25 Jul 2010 19:27:43 +1000, "Blue Heeler" <osd351(a)> wrote: Spent the weekend on the Atherton tableands and this morning I went for a walk on part of a disused railway line. Just off the pathway was this - anyone interested? NB "Not fo... 26 Jul 2010 21:38
Clarkson pits 395hp GT40 against 420hp Nobel
Jason James wrote: The real question is why has T/G refused every chance and opp. to test THE fastest proven road registered car on the planet? Oh, its the Ultima GTR720, and a bargain for what you pay/get Perhaps it does not meet their criterion of a real road car: going over a speed hump without ... 22 Jul 2010 22:27
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