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>> But it makes no sense to compare the acceleration of petrol and diesel
>> cars in the same gear. All other things being equal, you can make
>> whichever one you like look better by a suitable choice of gear.
> Agreed, a Saab 900 Turbo was faster from 50-90 than a Ferrari Testarossa
> in top gear roll on.
> But then would a Ferrari be happy in top gear at 50?

I'd hope that most mid range rep stuff would be happy to do 50-90 in top gear
regardless of there choice of fuel (I'm discounting the stupid stuff like the

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>> The Debacler wrote:
>>> Trying to top the poll of the most boring or stupid question..
>>> How powerful does a car need to be to �push you back in your seat� I
>>> seem to remember the acceleration from a friends Vauxhall cavalier 2.0
>>> 16v was when I first noticed it(which was about 130bhp). I guess
>>> higher torque causes the sensation more than higher revving lower
>>> torque cars? Or is it more about delivery Turbo instead of NA?
>> A sudden increase in acceleration will thump you in the back.
>Yes it's the Jerk that's most noticeable as the pushed back feeling not the
>(if a is dv/dt then jerk is da/dt, next is jolt) People who design roller
>coasters look to use jerk and jolt to create the "thrill" factor as they want
>to keep peak acceleration under control (and normally relatively low).
Well for years they got it wrong. It's what was right about the
Corkscrew at Alton Towers and wrong about all the new rides. The
Corkscrew was bent by eye to a chalk mark on the floor and welded up
in place to where it came, every joint was a rattler. New rides like
Rita Queen of Speed are bent up on CNC presses that can allow for
spring back and put up using laser levels. It goes quicker but is so
smooth it's a yawn.
Peter Hill
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Silk <me(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like they were

>>> They try to convince us they have a "classic" by choice because they
>>> don't want to admit they can't afford a decent car. No one is fooled.

>> Yeh, I'll bet that bloke in the Austin-Healey 3000 the other day
>> _really_ wished he was driving a diesel Octavia instead.
>> Or the XK150 drophead. Or the DB2/4 convertible. Oh, wait, both of
>> those last two were parked outside £1m++ houses. The Aston was sharing
>> drivespace with a Toerag & a Boxy.

> Although it's not something that interests me, I can see that the above
> you describe are what most people would regard as proper classics. A
> 1970s heap of shite that most people would regard as an old banger
> isn't.

Meanwhile, back in the '70s, those were cars which were regarded as "old

>> Perhaps you forgot that Conor also has a recent diesel Mondeo? Perhaps
>> you should just admit that you're, ultimately, a deeply grey and boring
>> person?

> When boring means, reliable, economical, well equiped and, in the case
> in point, more powerful and faster, I'll take boring.

I really don't want to know whether you consider yourself "well-equipped"
or not.
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> Oh really? Those 70s dagenham dustbin engines barely made it to 50K even
> if
> treated with kid gloves. Even with uprated cylinders, cranks and head I
> don't
> see them going far when their power has been doubled or more.

How do you get uprated cylinders on a Pinto?

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In article <ha34po$n0e$1(a)>, me(a) says...
> Although it's not something that interests me, I can see that the above
> you describe are what most people would regard as proper classics. A
> 1970s heap of shite that most people would regard as an old banger isn't.
In the eighties, my mother bought an S-Type Jaguar, wondering why it was
so much cheaper than a Mk1/2 Jaguar, but needing the longer wheelbase
for wedding dresses in the back.

She then found out that, during the 70's they weren't as popular and
were little more than scrap yard fodder, or hot rod donor until mid 80's
even when in near mint condition. A 1960's S type Jaguar was considered
a banger in the late 70's/early 80's so why shouldn't 30 year old design
like the Capri be a classic now like the S-Type is.

It is a phase. Used to be modern/banger/(Scrap/Classic). Now things go
modern/banger/(scrappage/retro)/classic. The whole retro movement spans
cars that were either never desirable when new, so rare and quirky, to
the scruffy end of the older luxury market that eventually, as they are
kept alive, will end up restored as genuine classics.
Carl Robson
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