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Does any alternator* fitted in cars have an impeller ?
My NipponDenso * has no fan / impeller to pull air into * to cool *, so this * ( esp when heated by engine block ) gets too hot ( can boil an egg ) in 33�C air, output ( ampere & voltage ) drops too low just as described in last paragraph. Users cannot fit an impeller bec... 23 Jun 2007 02:41
ratel Wrote: Hello, i'm searching for a driver for a bosch pcmcia kts 500 card. Thanks for your help . ratel I need help to... hav u anny idi how to fix dhis problem haw u find a driver plees anser fredrik739(a) -- Fredrik739 -----------------------------------------------------------... 13 Jun 2007 15:06
Briggs Stratton 5 HP Quantum XM
My mower will not keep running. It runs fine with starting fuel sprayed into carb. I have removed / replaced with new fuel. Removed carb and cleaned all ports with torch tip cleaning rods & carb clean to insure jets are not plugged. Everything is clean. Orderd a carb kit Any ideas? ... 14 May 2007 20:11
trooper won't hold idle
93 isuzu trooper dohc, with 78k miles, which starts immediately but stalls immediately. about one year ago, it would run erratically and once a new fuel pressure regulator and idle air control sensor was installed, all was well again. fuel filter has been replaced. once engine warms up, it runs fairly stable f... 25 May 2007 09:01
Q RE: GM 4x4 "wax motors" and when they were replaced with somethingbetter...
"Steve W." wrote: Pete C. wrote: My '97 Chev K3500 has the stupid "wax motor" actuator for the center disconnect on the front axle. While it's generally worked adequately, it looks like it may have finally died. It wasn't working this weekend when I needed it so I had to do a bit of winching ... 1 May 2007 21:14
A blast from the past.
I have a need to get an old 1951 GMC 2.5 ton side-dump farm truck running for a few errands. This truck has been parked out behind the barn for about two years now. My question is about a part in the brake hydraulics system. When I started the project, there was no brake pressure. A several minute search bro... 4 May 2007 18:02
2000 Mazda Protege blue smoke at startup. Why?
My 2000 Mazda Protege is smoking blue smoke at start up until it warms up and then it clears up. Has abt 127k on it and I am the 1st owner and have taken great care of this car What is likely cause? Valve guides? Ring job? I was hoping this car would NOT develop such major wear at 127k. is this abnormal o... 23 Apr 2007 12:32
Rant on brake rotors
Brake rotors weren't all that expensive when they were made in Canada and Mexico and other places. Why is is that it's impossible to find rotors that are made anywhere other than China nowadays? It's not a nationalism rant. I still haven't heard anything that has convinced me that they can make a decent casting. ... 18 Apr 2007 09:45
98 Camry - windshield wiper intermittent switch problem
The intermittent function of the wiper switch stopped working. All the 3 positions of the wiper work fine, but at the same (fast) speed. The intermittent settings do not work. This is annoying when driving in a very light drizzle, and the wipers work at the same fast speed. Any ideas about what to do here? Does t... 17 Apr 2007 13:06
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