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> I wonder how difficult it would be to fit an engine and trans from a later
> fwd car into one?

If people can do V8 conversions on Mini's then anything's possible. I'd
imagine the 1800 would lend itself well to a late model Japanese
engine/trans swap, but finding a car worth doing it to these days would be
difficult I'd imagine.

A ute would make for an interesting project.


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> I'm not 100% sure but couldn't you just let some of the fluid out?
> I blew a rear displacer on mine and the whole car dropped to the bump
> stops.
> I know someone who still has one of the original pumps for the hydrolastic
> suspension so it wouldn't be difficult to experiment.

The hydrolastic units were individual on each side linked front to rear, so
you'd need to let fluid out of both sides in equal amounts for the ride
height to be changed evenly. To adjust the attitude of individual corners
you have to change the length of the rods or cones between the fluid units
and the suspension arm.


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Noddy wrote:
> The shed builder is the bloke who is giving me a pain in the left one at the
> moment as they're about 6 weeks behind schedule, and I need the shed up
> yesterday so power can be connected and I can start using it to store stuff.
> I've got three phase power coming into my new property with the meter being
> placed on the shed, and from there it feeds over to the house. The house
> builder wants the shed up now so the power can be connected and the tradies
> can leave their generators at home. I expect the shed to be errected b y the
> end of next week. Early the following week at the latest.

Out of interest what style of shed is it (brick, timber, steel) and who
is supplying it?
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> Only electrical faults with mine that I can remember was the very fragile
> indicator switch and the poor output from the generator, the generator
> could easily be replaced with an alternator after switching the car to
> negative earth which was simple.

For some reason mine had a habit of eating sealed beam inserts, but I never
kept it long enough to find out why that was.

> BTW did you go to the new house today?

Yeah, I got there a bit late this morning. I wasn't there until around 11am.
The missus wanted to spend a bit of time in town getting some fruit and

> I went there at about 10.00am and about 2.00pm and no sign of you,

I was there at 2, but I was parked around the back. What were you driving? I
saw a couple of cars come up the street but by the time I got around the
front to have a proper look they'd turned around and headed off.

> the house is looking good but you don't have much north facing roof for a
> decent solar system:-)

They're putting the panels for the hot water system on the master bedroom
roof which is the extreme right of the house, or at least that's where it
looks like they're going judging by the plumbing and wiring running over to
that corner. Even though we've got the room on the block to have positioned
the house whatever way we wanted, I didn't particularly want the house
facing North as we've got an excellent view out the back where the sunset
will be right in the middle of the Alfresco area with the house as it
currently is. In fact, the woman across the road is a bit miffed as she
quite enjoyed sitting on her front veranda watching the sun go down and now
our house is blocking her view :)

By the way, you don't happen to need any clean fill by any chance do you?
I've got 350 cubic metres of it to get rid of, and you're welcome to as much
of it as you want :)


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> Out of interest what style of shed is it (brick, timber, steel) and who is
> supplying it?

It's a steel shed in colourbond measuring 12x24x5.4 metres and it's being
supplied by a company down my way called B&G Sheds. They're supplying the
shed kit, and I've got two other companies doing the concrete slab and
erecting the shed. The slab's been down for about three weeks now and the
shed packs are on site. I'm just waiting for the blokes to get out and put
the bloody thing up.

Hopefully it'll be this week.


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