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> Then you could put the rocks in your head in the tray ;-)

Nyuk nyuk nyuk :)


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> When I was at the dealers placing my order for the HSV wagon I asked him
> can it tow a loaded tandem trailer without any issues.
> He looked at me as if I just farted.

Which most salesbots do if you ask a question that's not on their FAQ :)

> I told him I was kidding and said I have a Rodeo for that type of job.
> I wouldn't use a car to tow again I prefer the ute. :-)



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> On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 00:12:59 +1000, atec 77 <"atec 77 ">
> wrote:
>>The Holden ute when loaded will chew the inner tyre edge out easily
>>unless the suspension is towing pack upgraded , bloke over the road with
>>one of the new v8s ripped his apart in less than a year claiming he
>>"took" it easy
> A friend recently had a "taxi-pack" suspension upgrade done to his
> Ford SomethingOrOther - claims he's got an an extra 2 inches of ground
> clearance as well.

Did it also have a beaded seat cover?


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> A crazy mate hired a furniture trailer to pick up a load of paver's that
> he bought second hand.
> He got half way home before he snapped some wheel studs and lost a trailer
> wheel, I hired a small truck and we moved the load from the trailer to the
> truck, when we got back to his house we weighed one paver and then worked
> out he had 3.5 tonne in the trailer:-)
> The auto in his AU was smoking but its still going more than 5yrs after he
> tried to destroy it:-)

I guess he would have a decent transmission cooler fitted or it wouldn't of
lasted 5 minutes. :-)


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: > Mind you, they are a fucken usless tyre and lethal in the wet! But do wear
: > well......................
: Taking the tyres off the rims and fitting moulded concrete ones might be
: even better :)
: --
: Regards,
: Noddy.

So yourve used them too have you!??