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"Kelpie" <kelpiee(a)> wrote
>> What would you do, sell it while it still runs and 1 months rego left, or
>> get a service?
> Open the user manual for your car, open to a random page and see where your
> finger lands, and that will be the answer.

Most intelligent suggestion I've come across on usenet! Someone gets it!

Actually Lordy told me to sell. Very cryptic though....

the other day I did this AMAZING car park out the front of Night Owl, it was a single spot
and I went forward in close to the curb and pulled it straight just before the car in front,
I was totally amazed how good at parking the car it was.

Then I kept having these near misses parking my car and pulling out of car parks, maybe a
clue that the car was about to have a minor mishap, not that I "got it" in time.

Then I disproved a major mathematical theory accepted by millions. Which reminded me
of a comment about Godel's proof years ago which I also disproved, it doesn't actually detract from
mathematics it's just a "dent in the fender" of mathematics.

Then I parked at the phone booth outside an old apartment I stayed at where I scraped the Fiesta
reversing out because my garage number was not accessible from the front.

So I was working out Car Park Scrape has the same mnemonic as Complete Permutation Set
which is how I disproved Cantor's proof. Then I channeled what would have happened if
I broke down and the answer was "just leave". Then I watched Simpsons last night and there
were 2 Ms for Moe's new club as spotlights in the clouds, obviously "2 meanings!"

So the second meaning appears to be to sell the car... It was a strange set of channeling about
money, aging, the proof, the car, but I think I worked it all out. Homer pushed his hand through
the juke box and his hand was bloody, that was ANOTHER "fender bender" I did the same thing
trying to push my Town Ace up hill putting my hand through the headlight years ago. As a
Logan's Run fan this was startling, as I just told my Russian Bride I was approaching 40, in the
movie they get executed at 30. My 31st birthday was my first night in prison, the start of the
"fiery carousel" of rebirth. 8 1/2 years ago now...

And last night I was channeling about the 5' 11" shop assistant who likes me, and then
Michael Douglass said on tv "She's a peach!".

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Toby wrote:
>IMHo coolant does a few things - badly.
>It somehow lubes the water pump - duh, it actually 'might' do so for the
>Lowers the Freezing point of the cooling system contents a few degrees.
>Raises the Boiling point of the cooling system contents a few degrees.
>(Though probably less change in both cases cf Rust and Scale as seen in
>engines in days of yore.)
>And most of all, 'coolant' is supposed to control the Ph of the mix to
>something approaching optimum for the aluminium used in the engine

It's very good for killing cats though (it fucks their livers)!

John H
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"Clocky" <notgonn(a)> wrote in message news:4c26c607$0$28656$c3e8da3(a)

: >
: >
: > Have you thought of checking your oil level??
: > low oil can cause the engine to stall, then start again after cooling
: > down
: Not bloody likely. Seized engines generally stay seized.

Not always true, but for oil or lack of it yes thats pretty accurate.

I (in my earlier uncareing days) flogged (From a standstill to rev limit for around 40seconds and
hard braked to a stop) a brand new GTS Holden and knocked it into neutral at the end of a off ramp.
It stalled and wouldnt turn over for two light set changes. Finally wound over after cooling
slightly, drove it with care to the dealer and left it there.....idleing. The sales bloke jumped in
and floored it down the road......... his problem now.

...... Now before anyone jumps down my throat for flogging a new car I was stupid, it was a new car
still owned by the dealer (it had 22Kms on it when I hopped in). I sure as hell wouldnt do it again
and I would absolute spit chips if someone did it to a car I was about to buy.

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Clocky wrote:
>George W Frost wrote:
>> Have you thought of checking your oil level??
>> low oil can cause the engine to stall, then start again after cooling
>> down
>Not bloody likely. Seized engines generally stay seized.

In fact they almost never stay seized unless there's water in the
cylinders! :)

How many engines have you pulled down that had serious score marks on
the pistons from an earlier seizure, and were still running?

I've even seen a few where the rings were stuck in their grooves
because the lands were scored over, but were still running when they
got to me.

Besides which, a lot of diesels are wired so the fuel cuts off as soon
as oil pressure is lost (2H Toyotas had a habit of cutting out when
the going got really rough and steep, even when the oil was above the
add mark).

John H
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I just went for a drive and I was watching the temp gauge, of course I forgot to
check the radiator before I left and it overheated again! Radiator leak. How much will that cost?

I had to knock on someone's door before I used his hose..

Good thing though I parked at a shopping center and by the time the car was ready there
were only a few cars in the car park, all staff so I had the whole grocery store to myself!

Usually I pay $4.50 for 2 Litres milk at the 24 hour servo at 3 am so nobody verbally abuses me.

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