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Oh Kevin ... 11 Jun 2010 00:35
If anyone is interested...
<> 610KB Vehicle sales figures for May 2010, YTD figures, and the comparison of those to 2009. It's an Excel spreadsheet with the following tabs: Retail Sales By State Total Market Segmentation Retail Sales By Marque Retail Share By Marque Retail Sales By Buyer Type (pr... 10 Jun 2010 23:29
Just a walk in the park.
Anyone can sail around the world..It's just a walk in the park with all that help.....Thousands of miles away!!!!! OzOne of the three twins I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace. ... 2 Jul 2010 04:47
|-|ercules wrote: You should be paying me to use your services. I own, typical income $100,000,000 per year, And you're whining about a couple of hundred dollar phone bill where you didn't read the fine print? Oh well, no-one said you needed brains to own a domain. ... 14 Jun 2010 04:07
AU central locking
My series 1 AU decided it wanted to not lock the passenger front door any longer. Gave it to the mechanic down the road, and he said the actuator needs replacing. No worries, told him to do it. All the doors now lock. However, everytime you unlock the doors, ALL the door actuators cycle 2-3 times, and everytime yo... 18 Jun 2010 22:24
Tyre rolling diameter and ABS
Anyone know how much difference can be tolerated by ABS systems(BA ford ute)with tyres of different diameters Front has 235/45/17, rears 245/45/17(may be going to 255/40/17) when these wheels were on the sedan it never was a problem but fitted to the ute I think it may be the reason for ABS activating on good... 11 Jun 2010 04:55
Sylvia Else: I am now Right and You are now wrong.
Hi, Sylvia. Remember in 2008 when I said that the NSW Government is using Fines and Penalties as another method to fix its NSW Budget revenue, in 2008 when NSW Premier Nathan Rees was in power? You disagreed: " For all the talk of revenue rai... 12 Jun 2010 03:58
Falcon remote problem....
What evidence would you be prepared to accept? Would you like me to drive down to my local Ford dealer and take a photo of the stillage full of hemispheres in their back yard waiting to be returned for warranty claims? Yes please. Some years ago we had a regular around here by the name of Kieron Mu... 11 Jun 2010 20:24
Parking Fines Disabled Parking.
Does anyone have any experience of the current fine for parking in a Disabled Space without displaying a permit. Ryde Council NSW is charging $422. John G. ... 12 Jun 2010 07:12
Dyno this fvcker... ... 9 Jun 2010 06:28
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