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Attention Christians
Would you abstain from during Lent? -- And.for.Muslims.during.Ramadan? ... 25 Feb 2010 10:19
Who do you think will win the 2010 Formula One Australian GrandPrix ?
Eric wrote: Which driver do you think is likely to win this year's 2010 Formula One Australian Grand Prix and please say why ? Bernie Ecclestone ... 18 Feb 2010 08:23
New ceiling insulation news
Isn't it odd that now, there has been news of dodgy ceiling insulation problems with I think, 5 deaths from it. Jumping Jack Garrett is jumping all around the place trying to get out of it. Proves what others here have been saying about the dangers of the foil insulation ... 13 Feb 2010 04:59
Which Suburb In Your City Has The Worst Drivers?
"lindsay" <ask_me_for_it(a)> wrote in message news:031cd519$0$1368$c3e8da3(a) "Deevo" <deevo37(a)> wrote in message news:O63Pm.57369$ze1.31612(a) <bob(a)> wrote in message news:1sqog5l7d6jp7bk4qa5lmn5g8g... 2 Feb 2010 18:49
Petrol DRIVE-OFF's/not paying for petrol
Hello. What do the big chain Petrol Stations do when a person "drives off" without paying for petrol? I know they *CAN* do a lot of things - call Police, etc. But what *DO* they actually do? What are Caltex's policies in NSW? What are Mobil's policies in NSW? What are BP's policies in NSW? What ar... 2 Feb 2010 18:47
Car ID wanted from photo
I'm trying to work out the year some photo's were taken in Darwin and so far the only thing we narrow it down to is "what's the most modern car in any of the photo's". Of the pictures we have the attached link is to the one that has the youngest car's in. There's a Falcon and a Holden that look to be either XR/... 23 Dec 2009 20:47
driver explodes
A driver exploded today from boredom when driving on a road that was perfectly safe for a much higher speed. The low speed limit set by the evil and corrupt alien forces watching over us all have claimed another life. We mourn the loss of this driver and the loss of our freedom. No, he wasn't in an Avalon. ... 14 Jan 2010 09:05
Stuffed aircon compressor
Looks like the aircon compressor in the Liberty has shat itself. After making all sorts of horrible noises it is now not working at all. Aircon will only blow hot. What is the best way of fixing it? I've got a mate who can evac the system for me so after that do I pull it off and replace it or have it rebuilt... 1 Dec 2009 07:14
is an idiot ... 30 Nov 2009 10:17
NEW! the MOST expensive car
The most expensive car in the world! find out here! ... 24 Nov 2009 11:10
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