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Some good info there about Ram Pumps.

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If they try plugging that leak with mud and concrete and whatever else
they add to the mix, wouldn't that stuff just sink on down to the bottom
of the oil well?

If they can plug that leak, I think that is what they should do.There is
no shortage of mud and concrete.

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It won't be long untill hurricane season, June 1.I hope there won't be
any hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.At least untill they get that oil
well fixed.It will take a few more months to finish drilling that other
hole in that oil well.

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"chuckcar" <chuck(a)> wrote in message
> Fair enough and my comment was made right in the heat of the argument
> anyways. Your later post changed my viewpoint somewhat. Also, there
> are some trolls here. I have spotted some new ones or nyms in this thread
> I think.

There was really no argument, Chuck....As things are beginning to become
known, a lot of information, and suspicion, is going to come out.. In fact,
more information is already coming to light, and it doesnt look good.

Mistakes were made, and people died from them. The entire Gulf will suffer
environmental damage that can last for years.

The technology exists to drill rather safely in deep water...but it is
and I think we will find that this particular situation didnt take every
that was available to it.

Our government is probably going to have to get off their duffs, and become
involved in the regulation of offshore drilling. It is a shame, because the
government is so incompetent in other matters, I can only imagine they will
bring chaos to an already troubled industry.

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This is probally a dumb question, but why couldn't some sort of super
tough inflatable device be lowered down into the hole and then inflate
the device and stop or at least slow down the leak?