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Cicero wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Jul 2010 21:43:54 +0100, Mike Tomlinson wrote:
>> In article <8Jl1o.197061$9c1.87292(a)hurricane>, Cicero
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>>> It isn't a case of thinking it's been badly maintained. It's really
>>> that I like to know exactly what the position is. The car is nearly
>>> 9 years old with a decent service history but I like to check
>>> everything for myself before I drive a new car.
>> You're wasting your time and money flushing it. It's a nine year old
>> French car, for heaven's sake. It's a banger.
>> Just get the oil hot so that it drains more readily then change it
>> and the filter. Job done.
>>> If anything has been neglected I want to
>>> put it right before it can get worse.
>> If neglect extends to infrequent or no oil changes, the damage is
>> already done and no amount of flushing will fix it.
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> You and I obviously have different ideas as to what constitutes a
> 'banger'. I don't think a car should be discarded just because the
> ashtrays are full and the paintwork has become a bit dull.
> These Peugeot cars have a 12 year corrosion warranty (not that I
> expect to be able to claim) and as far as I can see they do last in
> good rust- free condition. Cars of this age can have a very good life
> expectancy if you're prepared to spend a bit of money. Many cars are
> scrapped for the most trivial of reasons. I prefer to rescue a solid
> reliable car which will give me good service at minimal cost.
> The oil flush and change is just one aspect of the work I'm doing but
> a car with good service history and just 74000 miles on the clock is
> well worth a bit of effort and money.
> Your motoring needs may differ from mine but you might try doing the
> same kind of rescue that I'm doing and you might be agreeably
> surprised.

My younger son is running an N reg. 306(1.4 petrol) which we have had since
2001. Has been in daily use all that time, (bought at 40k and now at 100k).
Only two persistent faults, clevis pin in the check strap of the passenger
front door being prone to leap out; a common fault judging by the ease with
which I've bought replacements. The other is that it has now twice had
airlocks in the cabin heater radiator. It has, right from the outset with us
had some oil /water emulsion in both the water expansion tank and under the
oil cap. All I have done has been to remove the emulsion. There was no
indication that the head had been removed.

I'd not seen the motor for quite a while but the son was home at the weekend
and opened his bonnet. Bodyshell paint still in good nick but some rust
appearing under the bonnet in the bonnet seams only. I'm hoping he will have
another three or four years' use out of it.

From: Rob on
On 21/07/2010 3:25 AM, Cicero wrote:
> I've just bought a car (Peugeot 306 Diesel - Meridien) and will be doing
> a general service. I usually use flushing oil after draining the oil. The
> problem is that the recommended engine oil is semi-synthetic or full
> synthetic but I can't find a flushing oil which states that it's suitable
> for flushing engines requiring these types of oil.
> Is there any risk of damage using a generic flushing oil especially as
> the recommended usage is to run the engine for up to 30 minutes on
> tickover?
> For this time I'm going to be using a flushing additive but would prefer
> a full flush sometime in the future. Any suggestions for a suitable
> flushing oil most welcome.
> Cic.
Why would you to flush that. It has become unnecessary to flush an
engine nowdays.

With a diesel the oil and engine will be just as black after 1000kms -
its a diesel thing.

Just change the oil and filter with the correct grade of oil.

From: Mrcheerful on
Cicero wrote:
> I've just bought a car (Peugeot 306 Diesel - Meridien) and will be
> doing a general service. I usually use flushing oil after draining
> the oil.

what do you hope it will achieve that an oil change will not?

From: Mike Tomlinson on
In article <feo1o.172703$wi5.140188(a)hurricane>, Chris Whelan <cawhelan@p> writes

><Waves hand>

Spotted your name after I'd posted :)


From: Andy Cap on
On Wed, 21 Jul 2010 02:06:47 +0100, Mike Tomlinson <mike(a)> wrote:

>A nine year old French car, by definition, has to be a banger.

Would that definition apply if it had never been used ?

Andy C
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