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"Tim" <timdownie2003(a)> wrote:
>Differentials are essential part of any drive train, diff locks are

ATVs generally don't have them so they're not that essential. Though lack one
one makes cornering difficult and knackers the tyres on dry ground.


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broadssailor <graham.trimmer(a)> wrote:
>If anybody, driving a 4x4 or otherwise taps you in the rear because
>they couldn't stop when you could, it might be worth knowing about the
>symptoms of whiplash
>Then give these people a call
>or these
>or maybe these

Alternatively they could avoid the aformentioned parasites and act like
adults by accepting that sometimes accidents happen where no one is to blame.


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> But only for a short period which is nearly over, Of course, they are
> not really needed in Chelsea cos there is very little snow there.
sorry Doug but I have found my little 4x4 really useful since before Xmas
when we first had snow here - and for a couple of months before that it was
great when we had rain every day for 50consecutive days - Noah had nothing
on the weather here

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>> >> The man who denied dying soldiers their helicopters, Gordon Brown,
>> > Speak to anyone in the forces abroad - there is no shortage of
>> > helicopters
>> > or equipment. The complaints started because soldiers figting illegal
>> > wars
>> > were not happy with military issue equipment. They were paying for
>> > different
>> > non-approved and unsuitable items such as boots and expecting us to pay
>> > them back. Learn to see through emotional and political rubbish. You
>> > just repeat what you hear on the news without knowing the facts as told
>> > by
>> > British soldiers.<<<
>> When it's a matter of life and death, don't they deserve the best?
>> If this country has enough money to accommodate 'asylum seekers' and
>> other
>> unwanted riff-raff, then it has enough money to equip its troops
>> properly!!
> Effectively as these troops are engaged in an illegal war, are they
> not just as culpable as those who have orchestrated and organised the
> illegal war?<<<<,

This weather must be doubly difficult for you - not only are driving
conditions icy and slow, you presumably have to keep stopping every few
miles in order to get out and pray?

One might even say that you are more treacherous than the roads.

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>They are also good for getting to tescos.... Anyway, mine runs on the
>cleanest burning fuel known to mankind, so you wont guilt me out....

Hydrogen? I'm impressed!