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> On Thu, 29 Jul 2010 15:45:03 +1000, "Noddy" <me(a)> wrote:
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>>> another post you stated that there was a "significant"
>>> difference in size between an Accord and a Falcon.
>>> You were wrong there too!
>>Excuse me Ozliar, but I said an Accord *Euro*, and there is a *very*
>>significant size difference between one and a Falcon.
> Yeah, no change in track, , -120mm WB from the Falcon as opposed to
> 80mm...and a further 5mm narrower than the Falcon making it a dramatic
> 28mm narrower.
> Your wife is really gonna be pissed when she finds there's no more
> straws in that broom.
ROFLMAO...are you suggesting she may now have to walk?? ; )



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>> Ah, so a Getz is in the same league as a Lexus IS250 or BMW 3 series
>> hence it's better then an EF Fairmont... now I get you lol.
> Ah, no. I really don't think you do.....
> --
> Regards,
> Noddy.

LOL...I don't "think" .... I "know" he does.



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> I don't know what drugs you are on but whatever they are I don't want any.

Lol :)

Sad, isn't it? :)


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D Walford wrote:

> What's the factory setting?

0 +/- 2mm When mine was measured for adjustment it was 2mm in
and the front tyres were doing their customary feathering and
outer-tread wearing. It was set to 0 and it wandered about. It
was taken in a nudge and ran true.

Then after the +ve camber was lessened somewhat it was a whole
new ballgame.

> Some fwd cars are set from the factory with toe out because they toe in
> under power so if yours is set to zero it will actually have toe in when
> its moving.
> Mate added an extra 3deg of caster to his Lotus 7 and apparently it made
> a huge difference to the steering feel which has always felt too vague
> for my liking.

> Oversteer on a fwd car under power?

Yep. As I said, sorta crabs if you accelerate through and out
of the corner.

> OE tyres especially on locally made cars are usually pretty ordinary so
> it doesn't take much to make a significant improvement.

Dunlop 205/65/R15 95H replaced with Bridgestone GIII
215/60/R15 94H replaced with Bridgestone Supercat 215/60/R15
94H (non-directional).

> EF Falcon we owned was fitted with Dunlop Monzas which were bloody
> dangerous in the wet but they would last for a lot of klms, fitting a
> good set of Pirelli's transformed the car.
> Same with the light truck tyres on the Hilux, they look like lasting for
> ever but they have sfa grip.

I won't tell you what I've done to the Courier then. :-)

Sorry for the slow reply, bird strike on our power line.

Take Care. ~~
Feral Al ( @..@)
(\- :-P -/)
^^^ % ^^^
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On 1/08/2010 3:59 PM, Feral wrote:

> I won't tell you what I've done to the Courier then. :-)

Problem for light commercials is finding a tyre that has some grip but
still has the correct load capacity.
Odd thing about the Bridgestones on the Hilux is that they will lock up
under brakes or you can spin the wheels when accelerating but they hang
on ok in a corner.

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